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Therapeutic Crises Intervention (TCI)

TCI is a systemic approach developed by Cornell University designed to help parents, childcare workers, teachers, and caregivers create healing environments for children who have experienced trauma.

I have been a TCI-certified instructor for over 15 years and can offer the following classes for individuals and families:


TCI 28 Hours

Mother and Child

TCI for Families

After School

Non-Certified Classes / Boosters

$1000/day + expenses

For larger groups, schools, or organizations seeking TCI certification.

This training is 2 full 12 hour days and for 10 individuals max per session. 

Get In Touch

$100/per session for individuals; $150/per session for couples

For Parents & Caregivers seeking extra support and training. TCI Families provides individuals with trauma-informed training and test-out for certification accepted in schools, foster care agencies, and various government agencies. 

For Certification: 7 sessions

Tuesday & Thursday 6-9pm


Individual online video lessons on any of the following:

- Crisis Cycle

- Avoiding Power Struggles

- Active Listening

- Crisis Co-regulation

- Rebuilding relations after a crisis

- Self Awareness

- Knowing the Child

Therapeutic Crisis Intervention (TCI): Services
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